This piece was created in response to my learning about the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. Also known as the Rana plaza building, this textile factory collapsed with a death toll of 1,132 people. The collapse was caused by a structural failure that led to fires, and blocked exits where workers tried escaping.
 The relevancy to Fast Fashion comes in when you consider the cost of upkeeping facilities such as this and the wage that workers are being paid. The Fast Fashion industry outsources, and severely underpays its workers taking advantage of poverty stricken countries. Only 2% of clothing is currently made in the USA.
For more information, I strongly recommend watching The True Cost documentary.
Fast Fashion Ruins 
Mixed Media Watercolor Collage
2020 West Michigan Area Show- Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Juried Entry
Individually cut paper "clothes pins"
"Clothes tags"
Windows cut out and twine strung through
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