BE THE CHANGE. ❤✌☮ // Onward & Upward 🌿🍃
After the riots following George Floyds death, windows of businesses throughout Grand Rapids, Michigan were broken and needed repair. With over 100 windows boarded up- Artists were called upon to comment on the recent events.
This project was organized by @lionsandrabbits and was led by an extremely talented group of black artists, who I am lucky to have met, and worked alongside of. This was not a beautification project, but rather a project to open peoples eyes to the Black Lives Matter Movement. This project was fueled by the need to fight against such horrible acts of violence, making it a cause for action, and motivation.  
While working along side so many talented, diverse, and inclusive artists - one thing that was prevalent in all of our work, was that artists do not discriminate between the colors on their palettes. All colors are a thing of beauty, and we need to embrace that as a country, and all throughout the world. That is where the inspiration for this mural came from.
After painting, I attended the peaceful protest downtown, and spread the word, because every individual needs to BE the change in this ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. STAND UP for what you believe in. 🗣

It was an honor to paint for such a real, and powerful event. I cant explain the amount of joy it brings to my heart being around other artists with the same passion, and driving force.

You can find more images at @downtowngrinc @citygrandrapids #windowsgr 
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